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Stella Maris, an Entertainment
by Len Jenkin

Dramatis Personae

Stella Maris
A Priest
Wayne Lavender, a bookseller
Edgar, a revolutionary
Christina, a revolutionary/musician
Chris, the man in the rhino mask
Marcel Proust, the author
Mona, a dry cleaner
Delilah Duhamel, the Queen of the Underground
Stefan, Delilah’s therapist
Captain Escalade, the yacht captain
Fritz, a sailor
Madame Zaza, a woman of some experience
Prof. Silvio, perhaps a philosophy professor
Bernice, perhaps a grad student
Mom, Stella’s mother
The Manster himself

A deep bow and the author’s thanks to Andrew Marvell and Marcel Proust-- I stand in your long shadows.

Directed by Len Jenkin and John Kilgore

The Moonglow Players:

Len Jenkin

Courtney Mentzel

Andy Robinson

Steve Mellor

Olivia Rose Barresi

Finn Kilgore

Johnathan Brooks

Rocco Sisto

Polly Noonan

Vera Beren

Deirdre O'Connell

Recording and sound design by John Kilgore